Limitless Living: The Freedom Plan

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And while I don't mean to brag, I saw all of "this" coming many years ago.

What do I mean?

Well, I "escaped" America back in 2016, as a bright-eyed and adventure-seeking 24 year old. I saw the writing on the wall. I distinctly remember making this prediction to my parents at the time:

"There will be Socialism in California sometime in my lifetime."

Why does this matter for YOU?

Because now the Socialists are at the gate and then are in the process of breaking the gate down. And I hate to say it, but this slow-rotting poison of "Social Justice", "Wacism", "Wokeness", and "Politically Correctness" will ultimately be the downfall of the Western world if it continues.

I don't say this to scare you...

Simply to heed my warning.

Unless something very violent and brutal happens, your life in the Western world will likely continue to get worse:

Your taxes will increase more and more while you get less and less for them

More and more "diverse" crowds will be moved into your nice neighborhoods (funded by your tax dollars, of course)

You will be told how to think, how to feel, and if you do fit the narrative of "normal", you will be ostracized

More and more liberties will be taken away. Masks will be come mandatory forever, maybe the government will say they have the right to stick a needle in your arm and give you a COVID vaccine against your will...

This doesn't seem to have any end in sight, unless people start getting violent.

In fact, we have seen the downfall of America and the West for many years now.

You know exactly what I'm talking about...

The quality of life, despite proclaiming to be the best countries in the world, is abysmal. The women work 8 hour days so they can give 70% of their earned income to nannies. Men are weak. Women are unattractive and vile. There is no sense of family, no sense of bond, you are just made to be another cog in the machine.

And now?

That machine is marching you straight to a Civil War, or worse - what is true economic slavery of the people - Socialism and it's big brother - Communism.

While all these vile people will say "real Socialism hasn't been tried before" - let me just say this:

My girl's parents grew up under the Soviet Union times. The times when people were silenced for their opinion, taken from their apartment in the middle of the night, and shipped off in trains to never be seen again.

They have seen the process of how this happens.

How the language is neutered down...

(You can only say certain things)

How this makes people think a certain way...

(Look how easily people have been brainwashed that masks are necessary, even tattling on each other)

How this tears apart families and friends...

And much, much more...

In fact, when I explained to them what is going on in America, you know what they said?

It's chilling...

They said...

"People being silenced and fired from their jobs for their opinions, and their lives ruined if they don't agree with the general narrative...that sounds a lot like Soviet Union times..."

People in America believe that if you have a family of 6, you need a 6 bedroom house.

Well, my girl and her parents lived in a one-bedroom apartment with 6 of them (grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, sister, and her) for the first several years of her life.


Because they had no money.

Because their country had just come out of nearly a century of pain and abuse under Communism.

A one bedroom apartment for 6 people...

Can you imagine the outrage in America?

And yet the same people who require the most creature comforts are demanding we march straight off the cliff and into that kind of system.

This is why I've decided to team up with my friend, "Didact", and create an A-Z roadmap to help you get out of the Western world.

He is one of the sharpest, most-well spoken people I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with, and what's more...

He comes from the other side of it.

That's right, he's an immigrant to America who has spent his career in the cut-throat financial markets of Wall Street and Singapore. He knows what he's talking about, he has a knack for explaining just how the culture has gotten so rotten, and I'm honored to present this product with him.

Even if you're not ready to move yet...(I understand it's hard)...

This will at least prepare you if things get worse.

It is not too late, but at one point in the future - it will be.

Limitless Living is a collaboration between Kyle Trouble and "Didact". 

Didact is an immigrant to America who spent significant time working in financial markets on Wall Street and Singapore. He now resides in Russia. Here's what to expect inside the course:

This is why we created "Limitless Living".

Module 1 - A Plan

  • What's really going to happen in the West and why you must consider options before the upcoming economic and demographic decline
  • Why "secure" things like pensions and 401ks will NOT be secure in the near future
  • Why you must become anti-fragile, immune to "cancelling", and have a Plan B.

Module 2 - Wish to Plan

  • The 3 key time horizons you must consider
  • Where to go, how much money you actually need

Module 3 - First Steps

  • Creating a personal balance sheet (and why it's so critical)
  • Paying down the debts (how to do this quickly and sneakily without sacrificing your goals)
  • How to optimize your personal finances to nearly guarantee a life of freedom and prosperity no matter where you want to go in the world

Module 4 - Basic Freedom Portfolio

  • Key lessons from "The Intelligent Investor" and why it's must-have information for every person
  • The ideal asset allocation (to both up your disposable cash AND decrease your risk - best of both worlds)
  • How to allocate between cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, and cutting-edge techs like cryptocurrency

Module 5 - Crypto Keys

  • Why Crypto is THE "game-changer" for those who want an escape from the traditional system
  • How to invest, mine, and trade Crypto to obtain maximum profits for your personality type
  • Exactly which Crypto to AVOID...and WHY

Module 6 - Your Personal Escape Plan

  • How to choose between temporary and permanent relocation
  • The KEY tax implications to know when moving abroad (and how to avoid making as much of the green to Uncle Sam as you possibly can)
  • How to obtain visas and other permits to allow you to stay in your new home as long as you like

Module 7 - 2nd Passport

  • The best passports to get in 2022
  • How to acquire a second passport – jus soli vs jus sanguinis citizenship
  • Why you should (or shouldn't) give up your American passport
  • The unexplored value of South American passports that nobody is talking about

Module 8 - Business Overseas

  • The absolute best countries and territories to set up a new business with access to major markets (and tax savings)
  • Case study: Estonia business and e-residency

Module 9 - Pulling The Trigger...

  • The hardest part of's how you ACTUALLY take the leap.

Please note that there are no refunds on this product.

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Limitless Living: The Freedom Plan

5 ratings
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